Domino Collection

Ideal line for hotels and communities with over 30 models available.


Bathroom collection with mini size and high performance

Offices and Industrial

Line for industries and offices, with over 34 models available to satisfy all your requirements.

Hospitals and Disable

Line for hospitals and nursing homes.

Disable for public use

Line for hospitals and nursing homes for public use.

Easywall: modular partition

Line for sports centres or industries, with modular partitions to suit all requirements.

Easywall Mod.:locker room – bench

The line for sporting centers or industries with sectional walls according to own demands and with the variation of the belly.


Easywall: Mod. accesible duct

The line that offers the opportunity to combine the advantages proper of the modular walls, also the possibility to inspect where the duct the unloadings they are present.

Door Easyopen

The revolutionary revolving & translating mechanism reduces considerably the clearance required by the door sash, enabling it to be pushed open in both directions and therefore solving many functional and safety problems.

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