Easywall: ALA RATIONAL SYSTEMS Partition Walls

ALA Rational System partition walls are a practical and minimally invasive solution to organize space and create toilet cubicles partitions, showers, changing rooms, composite bathroom pods within:

  • schools and kindergartens
  • sports centres
  • fairgrounds
  • recreational centres
  • hospitals and communities
  • shopping centres
  • motorway stops
  • airports
  • camping
  • industries

Some technical information

Toilet cubicles pods are made with insulated self-supporting sandwich panels in aluminium, stainless steel or vinyl, 3.5 cm thick and recently also in HPL 13mm thick and tempered glass.

Each toilet cubicle partition is provided with adjustable feet along the bottom edge and a profile of aluminium or stainless steel along the top to provide the final structure with high stability.

They are perfectly washable surfaces with no unevenness, no grout lines or areas difficult to clean.



Why choose Easywall  partition walls ?

Easywall toilet cubicle partitions allow to maximize the available space and ensure:

  • quick and easy installations
  • high structural strength
  • no maintenance
  • reduced cleaning time
  • custom-made works

You can also set up a technical compartment to assure the total inspection of the system.

Do you need to create a bathroom without massive masonry works?

ALA Rational Systems partition walls are the solution you are looking for!

Possibility to choose among 4 kinds of material:

  • pvc with 25 colours
  • aluminium with 30 colours
  • stainless steel with 3 kinds of finishing
  • HPL with 35 kinds of finishing

Hardware for all stainless steel kinds

Different prices, from economic to luxury, always guarantee of solidity and durability in the time.

Only ALA RATIONAL SYSTEMS can offer a solution to every kind of need



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