Prefabricated Bathrooms: a Properly Done Job!

Ala Rational prefabricated bathrooms pods represent the ideal solution for people who are looking for a functional product that can be customised according to their needs.

These bathrooms pods can be installed also in the new buildings and delivered preassembled or to be assembled in the construction site, depending on building needs and with  big financial advantages in the second case being the bathrooms pods purchasing postponed to a very advanced construction site phase.

These innovative prefabricated cabins are perfect to be installed in pre-existing spaces thanks to their modular structure which is quick and easy to set up.

A prefabricated bathroom vanity produced by Ala Rational is the best way to install high-quality sanitary fittings with no massive masonry works on the building’s structure.

Resistant and complete bathrooms

Ala Rational Systems prefabricated bathrooms are resistant and safe products that fully observe the hygienic provisions now in force.

Each   prefabricated bathroom pod is provided complete and ready to be used as it is designed to be an independent unit that includes not only sanitary fixtures, but also floors, walls, ceilings, accessories and plants.

Moreover, the internal finishing of walls and floor can be customized for every prefabricated bathroom choosing amid: ceramic or marble tiles, Venetian plaster, marmorino, scratch-resistant vinyl, non-slip rubber.



From residential to industrial sector: a perfect integration

Since 1978, the company has been producing prefabricated bathroom pods which can be integrated in any type of building: from private houses to hospitals, from communities up to construction sites.

Choosing Ala Rational Systems to supply bathroom means to refer to a qualified and reliable producer that operates in the market since 1978.
The long experience developed with thousands of projects realized in many different market sectors makes Ala Rational Systems a partner that not only accomplishes in agreed times and ways the supplying, but also supports the customer in optimizing the project in order to solve in advance all the possible problems before the construction beginning.
In this way the customers are confident about the good result of the supplying.


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