Flat Pack Bathroom Pods: Complete Modular Units!

Ala Rational flat pack pods for bathroom are an excellent solution to increase the number of toilets available in large centres and parks.

Carrying out a bathroom restructuration quickly and with no long and expensive works can be a problem.
With a flat pack pod produced by Ala Rational you can solve it!
For large buildings that need to make urgently changes to observe standards and normatives (e.g. hospitals, factories, rest houses and so forth), Ala Rational is the perfect partner as the company can install a bathroom pod quickly and in a minimally invasive way.

Flat pack bathroom pods ready to be used!

Bathroom pods are independentcomplete and functional units including floor, walls, ceiling, accessories, plant design and sanitary fixtures in just one kit.
Every single article is produced with the best materials to offer resistance and quality: Ala Rational bathroom pods are made to last!

Renovating a bathroom has never been so easy!

Thanks to Ala Rational, you can choose the model you want and customise it as you like installing it in very short times.

Bathroom pods can be set up also when hydraulic connections are missing.

Ala Rational provides you with a large range of materials and customised solutions for a bathroom restructuration that you can decide into details.


Choose the finishing you prefer!

There are different options for walls and floor available in various materials and colours: ceramic or marble tiles, Venetian plaster, marmorino, scratch-resistant vinyl, non-slip rubber and many other materials.

Ala Rational also produces prefabricated bathroom pods for disabled.


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