The Advantages


  • quick installation : one bathroom can be fitted in one day
  • fixed and competitive costs
  • minimum inconvenience activities
  • one single supplier
  • thorough access for inspection to the electrical system and plumbing
  • lightweight construction
  • total floor and wall impermeability is guaranteed
  • sound and thermal insulation is above the standards of brickwork bathrooms
  • highly reliable industrial product
  • installation possible at any moment
  • possibility to move the bathroom to a different place in the future
  • installation also possible in rooms not provided with drain-pipes
  • possibility to renew the bathroom in the future


  • great exploitation of the rooms
  • absolute hygiene
  • simplification of the cleaning of the places
  • no maintenance
  • quick installation
  • rapid replacement of the panels


  • space utilization
  • opening inside or outside
  • absolute hygiene
  • no maintenance

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