Doors Easyopen


The Easyopen revolving & translating door is an interior door featuring a two-handed variable radius sash movement. The variable radius of the panel requires a limited clearance for opening and closing. The two-handed sash translation mechanism enables the door to be pushed open in both directions, either when leaving or entering the room. This helps to solve the safety problems connected with emergency escape routes.


  • space utilization
  • opening inside or outside
  • absolute hygiene
  • no maintenance


  • 50 mm thick sash featuring a honeycomb-core panel and solid hardwood frame, faced with Abet Print-type laminated plastic or similar material. The edges of the sash are protected by an aluminium profile fitted with a double insulating strip;
  • open frame made of 12/10 aluminium plate, anodised or painted with epoxy powders (or 10/10 stainless steel plate) stiles made of anodised or painted aluminium sections;
  • sash translation mechanism and special rebate made of plastic material designed to stop the sash at its centre in the closed position;
  • hardware, such as heavy-duty aluminium (or nylon) handle, key-operated lockset or privacy lock and all the other accessories required for complete and perfect door operation.


For the installation of doors Easyopen comes originally a scheme for the design of the port holes and counter measures repertoire , and then a manual installation.


The maintenance of ports is virtually non-existent and respect the rules to be followed in general for the doors . The translation mechanism is designed  to avoid any maintenance


At the end of its useful life, the products should no longer be used to landfills. Ofthe various types of items that are awarded, you must agree the arrangementsfor disposal with the staff on receipt of these items.

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