Bathroom Pods Domino

The advantages

  • quick installation : one bathroom can be fitted in one day
  • fixed and competitive costs
  • minimum inconvenience activities
  • one single supplier
  • thorough access for inspection to the electrical system and plumbing
  • lightweight construction
  • total floor and wall impermeability is guaranteed
  • sound and thermal insulation is above the standards of brickwork bathrooms
  • highly reliable industrial product
  • installation possible at any moment
  • possibility to move the bathroom to a different place in the future
  • installation also possible in rooms not provided with drain-pipes
  • possibility to renew the bathroom in the future

The bathroom pod has a self-supporting structure. It consists of the floor, the ceiling and the walls made of sectional, insulated metal panels of the “sandwich” type, which are strongly assembled.

The panels are made of two external 6/10 mm. thick hot-formed galvanised steel sheets (UNI 5753) (with a zinc-coating of 200 g./sqm.) and of a core of self-extinguishable injected polyurethane foam (class B3, DIN 4102), density 40-43 kg./cm., with more than 50% of closed cells (ASTM-D-2856).
The main technical characteristics of these panels are:

The total weight of the cell, complete with health, accessories, door andfloor covering, is averaging about 120 kg / mt.q. Finishing walls with “Vinyl”scratch and about 200 Kg / mt.q. finished with ceramic tile walls.


The bathrooms ALA Rational Systems are supplied complete with:

  • Floor, walls, ceiling
  • Accessories
  • Hydro plant – electricity
  • Bathrooms Sanitary

The inner walls and floor can be either ceramic tile or marble, Venetianplaster, marble, vinyl, scratch-resistant, non-slip rubber.


The cells are transported disassembled bathroom with panels placed on pallets and assembled on site by our personnel. Each panel already hasall the necessary arrangements so that the next assembly is quick andeasy.

The union between the panels is done with a latching mechanism and aneccentric joint M / F on the edges. The assembly operation between the parties is carried out within hours.

Positioning of the floor

Walls assembling

Door assembling

Frame of the roof and drywall application

Accesible Duct

Installation is made between the cell wall and the wall, a technical working space to allow the connection of the discharge and ensure the inspection.

Here a video that shows how to install bathroom pods.

YouTube Preview Image

Here a video that shows how the delivery of the panels on construction sites.

YouTube Preview Image


The daily cleaning of the walls and floor, it should be done using liquid detergents are neutral, non-abrasive cloths and sponges together withnon-abrasive. The use of brushes that can damage the PVC film in the connection between wall and floor is recommended.

At least at six monthly intervals, you should verify the properfunctioning of the vacuum and clean the impeller and all parties who request it with a brush dipped in water and mild detergent.
Remember also that the maximum temperature to ‘interior of the premises must not exceed 40 ° C to avoid damaging the equipment.The maintenance of the flush box and faucets is feasible by non-expert, however we recommend the plumber.


At the end of useful life, the products should no longer be used to landfills. Of the various types of articles that are conferred – sanitaryfittings, accessories etc. – you need to pay attention only to the structural floor – walls – ceiling, where the presence of polyurethanesheet suggests to agree the arrangements for disposal with the staff on receipt of these items.

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